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Hey, Welcome to The KNIGHT GAMES game lot (KG Game Lot). This is where we "KNIGHT GAMES" show off our games and as well as other games not by us.

If you want more features then become a member. members can get better and cooler things like quality enhanced games, better links, games on new windows, and mac compatible & windows compatible download games are sorted into two sections. 

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KGGAMELOT has been inactive for a while now but we are back up and running, new games will be added soon!

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For your gaming "satisfaction" we double check every link on this website so that you don't have to look for another game to play.

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Our Reviews
"Very nice looking site, your obviously building content still but I like what I see. Your pages loaded fairly fast but would suggest getting some content in your forum :)"

"I like your website. I am always looking for a good gaming website for reviews and games I have not heard about. Everything loaded fast, checked a few games and favorited the website to see new developments."

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"This site has a good selection of games as well as a downloads section, and also offers contact details should users wish to make use of them. The design of the site looks quite impressive and I will definitely be enquiring about their sponsor a link feature."

"Thanks for the cool games. Awesome site. Nice colors."

"I iked the colour and layout of the site. It gave it that gaming feel. The navigations bar is very attractive and looks high tech. It is easy to see where to go on this website"

"good effort."

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